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Figure Study [Fashion]


The images in this gallery were loosely designed as a series based on fashion and the female form. Each image was created with its own underlining task or objective in mind, but as a series I wanted to contain the images under the same umbrella, which was based with photographing Glamour or fashion in mind.

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Line Drawing [figure study]


All of the drawings in this gallery are attempts to develop a style of detailed line drawing. Not all are solely line drawings, but may include elements of projects running parallel to this line artwork project.

Initial Objectives
Originally the object was to simplify a drawing down to its basic components, but this quickly evolved in to a more detailed illustration using line density as an indication distinguish the importance of line. Some of the images have been taken further sill, incorporating Layer Transparencies or Meshing.

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Block Colour Set


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Line Drawing #2 [Advanced]


This Gallery is very much a continuation of the Line Drawing [Figure Study]. The main difference being the time and effort devoted to producing these more detailed and complex series of drawings. From the outset my intention to improve the accuracy and quality of my line drawing, while aspiring to create a higher level of detail without over complicating the image with redundant lines.

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Illustrator Mesh Projects


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Commercial Design


Commercial Design. As it says on the tin, Logos, Website Illustrations, Icon Sets, Etc

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Art Illustrations & Design


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